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A warm welcome to Natural Academy and our accredited training in ecopsychology and nature based practice.

What we offer

We work with individuals and organisations offering our accredited training courses and ongoing support. This helps individuals or teams start, or enhance, their work with people in nature. As a not for profit Eco Social Enterprise, the approach we work within ensures that we maximise the benefits for people and encourage pro-nature shifts that support the natural world around us.

The Pathway

If you are an individual seeking a career in nature, health and wellbeing, ecotherapy and eco-depth our vocational pathway is for you, click here for more details.


If you are an organisation wanting to access professional training and support to develop nature and health services, click here for more details.


Wherever you are, and in your own time, you can complete one of our interactive online courses in ecopsychology or nature connectedness, click here for more details.

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A reflection from one of our students.

‘I liked everything about the course. The company was good, as were the surroundings. The relaxed atmosphere and comfortable pace of proceedings. I also loved not feeling constrained by time, that I could give myself over to the course and not be constantly looking at my watch. I felt I had permission to relax.’

People in Nature

Your team, learning new skills and activities for working with people in nature.

A vocational career pathway for you

We know this is a time where coming back to our own nature and the natural world around us is paramount.

Online Services

Online courses to learn, grow and connect wherever you are.

Working in Nature

A warm welcome to Natural Academy.

“On our trainings and courses, we help our students and practitioners find their way of making a difference, helping them re-imagine new ways forward, find meaningful, effective purpose and direction within these deeply challenging times.”


‘The natural spaces we offer our vocational pathway training in’

Tortworth Arboretum is one of the homes for our foundation year and some of our threshold courses with ancient and beautiful trees, in south Gloucestershire, 30 minutes north of Bristol.




south downs

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About Us and Our Work

Natural Academy is a not for profit community interest company, whose mission is to help people and nature recover and flourish together.

We do this through training practitioners who facilitate the health, healing and recovery of people and within the journey of this, support our return to a deepening connectedness to the natural world. We have a vision of an integrated eco centric, one health model. From this, our approaches in applied ecopsychology, emerge to support individuals, communities and the rest of the natural world around us.

We know this is a time where coming back to our own nature and the natural world around us is paramount. By training professional, nature based practitioners, and by guiding and supporting individuals and organisations, we seek to create competent and confident professionals in nature based approaches to health, healing and deeper purpose. We know that they can then help many, many others engage once again with the resources of their natural self and their connectedness to nature.

To facilitate this we have created a career and vocational pathway for individuals who want to explore how they can start or deepen their calling to work in Nature, Health and Wellbeing, Ecotherapy and Eco Depth Practice.

Our students have taken the learning from our courses and successfully set up their own practices across the country or created careers in organisations that are moving to more nature-based approaches to working with people.

We have also created NatureWell as a way of training and supporting organisations and teams to develop professional nature based services often in Urban environments, near hospitals, in community gardens working with many different people across the country.


We see people living connected in the natural world in urban, rural and wilder spaces. People living with regenerated wilder natural spaces around them, with an inherent care and support for themselves, their communities and the natural world, knowing that our health and wellbeing depends on the health and wellbeing of the living world and the ecosystems around us.


With 14 years’ experience Natural Academy, as a not for profit Eco-Social Enterprise, has developed ways to train, educate and support the new nature & health and ecotherapy movement. We do this by developing and supporting a community of professional practitioners who are actively working in applied ecopsychology & nature based practice.

Listen to our Community

“Their training is unlike any other we have done before. It is experiential, mind-opening and revitalising. The depth and breadth of Rhonda and Michéal’s experience is obvious in how they are able to weave the nature based thinking and practices into a format that fits the realities and demands of the service we work in.”

Dr Catriona Mellor Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and leading member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Sustainability Committee. 

“It’s a perfect blend of reflective, experiential and academic learning held by knowledgeable, supportive and authentic mentors.”

Sarah Witts, Pathway student


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Natural Academy is a Community Interest Company

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Founded in 2008