Natural Academy

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Regenerative Ecopsychology Training
For those working with people in nature
or those wanting to begin working with people in nature

  We are offering a range of online courses and trainings 


(for outdoor courses starting in July, given guidelines, see below the online courses)

Online Introduction to Ecopsychology  

training course October 

Start or continue your training in Ecopsychology and Nature Based Practice with our live and interactive online introduction course.


Student feedback has been really positive

'I have come away feeling inspired' 

The Science, Art and Practice of Nature Connection

for Wellbeing and Resilience

A self guided, any time course for those wanting to access the multiple benefits of developing simple and effective ways to strengthen nature connectedness for health and wellbeing.  


Evoking Natural Wholeness Addiction & Over-Consumption 

3 Days Nature-Based Course 

26th-28th August Devon, Near Totnes

'Through our training of ecopsychological practitioners we help as many people as possible cultivate connectedness to nature for their benefit and for the benefit of the natural world.'

We train and educate people from a wide range of backgrounds and interests including, teachers, conservationists, social workers, youth workers, therapists, counsellors, environmentalists, ecologists, growers, bush-craft leaders, forest school workers, artists and all those interested in regenerating/restoring our natural-self and the natural world around us. 

Our future vocational courses are listed below and these offer a pathway to help you explore and discover your unique way that you will offer people  nature based practices and support.

Introduction to Facilitating  Eco Psychology &  Nature Based Practice

Day courses 


Day 1: Nature, Health & Wellbeing/Green Care

Day 2: Natural Healing and Development/Eco Therapy

Day 3: Deeper Nature & Spiritual Ecology

You can attend any one of these days or attend all three for our threshold certificate.

This is for anyone interested in learning more about Eco-Psychology & Nature Based Practice and developing this as a career, or to integrate some knowledge and skills, from this field, into their work. 


  • Ecotherapy/ Wholeness, Healing and Growth           10th August 2020

  • Deeper Nature/Spiritual Ecology                                  9th September 2020

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing

              8th October 2020

Still Places Available on these dates

All 3 days concurrently   (with camping option) 


  • 21st, 22nd, 23rd August 2020 

  • Just outside Bristol in Tickenham.                     NOW FULL 

Facilitator in  Eco-Psychology &
Nature Based Practice

Become an accredited  facilitator of

Eco Psychology and Nature Based Practice and locate your  work within one, or across a combination of the three realms of. 

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing & Green Care

  • Natural Healing, Development & Eco Therapy

  • Deeper Nature & Spiritual Ecology


   The October and Spring courses are  delivered over a  year and includes weekend courses and  deeper 5 day intensive time in wilder settings.  

This is for those interested in Professional Training in Eco Psychology and Nature Based Practice. 

Next courses begins

October 2020 NOW FULL Waiting List

Spring 2021 BOOKING NOW

Ecopsychological Practitioner 

Become an Accredited Eco Psychological Practitioner across all of the three realms. 

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing & Green Care

  • Natural Healing, Development & Eco Therapy

  • Deeper Nature & Spiritual Ecology


This course is delivered over 2 years and includes

Three 5-day nature intensives across the UK and Ireland

A 10 day quest in West of Ireland

Ongoing 3 day weekend gatherings throughout the 2 years

This is for those interested in Professional Training and wanting to become an Eco-Psychological Practitioner in Health, Wellbeing,  Ecotherapy and

Deeper Nature


Next course begin 

March 2021 NOW FULL


An Introduction to the Natural Academy

Rhonda and Michéal 

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