Threshold days

This course is designed for people who want to begin or enhance their work with people in nature.​

You may be, amongst other things,  a counsellor, wellbeing practitioner, therapist, teacher, activist, stepping into a new career, starting out in life, a social worker, child care worker, personally wanting to develop your nature practice etc. However you will be very curious about our human-nature reciprocal relationship and so be interested in how this co-creates our Health and Wellbeing; Healing, Learning and Growth; Deepest Meaning and Purpose.

Theses courses will introduce you to the three realms of practice and you will learn skills, theories, practices applicable immediately. You will also have time in nature for your personal health, wellbeing and development.

The courses cover each of the three realms of practice 


Day 1 

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing

Day 2

  • Ecotherapy/Wholeness, Healing and Growth

Day 3

  • Deeper Nature/Spiritual Ecology


16th,17th,18th November (with camping option) 

Somerset near Bristol and Bath



All 3 days concurrently (with camping option)



  • 2nd-4th March Somerset Mendips

  • 6th-8th April Cornwall

  • 29th June-1st July Somerset Mendips


You can complete the threshold course over these three days and are able to camp at the location.  

The fee is £220    

The Somerset courses take place at Lapwing Farm click here for further details

The Cornwall  course takes place in Sancreed near Penzance. 

Camping is included in the fees

Man Hiking in Wilderness