Eco-Social Enterprise: Home-People-Venture

We are part of a movement that is embarking on bold value led endeavours, finding new more ethical business models, creating future careers and appropriate incomes, finding healthy working and life practices and making a positive impact with people and nature.

We have struggled to define who we are at times, often called not for profit or social enterprise, community interest company, all good names in some ways but they never seemed to fully fit. In recent times we are defining ourselves as an Eco-Social Enterprise.

This helps us ground our business in its primary purpose, to find new ways of regenerating our culture so that the health and wellbeing of people and the natural world are supported together.

The Eco is our home, our place, our land, our Earth.

The Social is our relationships, our work colleagues, our people, our community our society

The Enterprise is our deepest inner purpose, deeper values, passions and inspirations that drive our ability to take the risks in living and manifesting a new story.

This Ecological, Social and Personal process mirrors our Natural Self model which we use as the lens for our approach (see other blog). So we continue to define our work, our model, our life as we respond wholly to the challenges and opportunities of our time on this wild and wondrous planet.

Eco-Social Enterprise

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