Foundation Year
Level 3 Eco-Psychology and Nature Based Practice

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This accredited course is designed for people who want to develop there work with others in nature. It deepens your understanding of what applied Eco Psychology is and helps you develop the skills and experience necessary to work with people within your main realm of practice (see below). Whether you are just starting out in your work in nature, wanting to enhance your work with nature based practices and eco-psychological theory and/or stepping into a career within the realms of, 

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing 

  • Eco Therapy/Wholeness, Healing and Growth

  • Deeper Nature and Spiritual Ecology

this course will give you the foundations needed. 

With good knowledge and application of the theory, skills, professional practice and personal development necessary to help you become a strong, effective and resilient nature based facilitator.  

The course is spread over one year with a first 3 day weekend (Fri eve-Sun) then five further weekends and a five day residential in a wilder setting. 

Tutorials and smaller groups will be held for students on the months where no formal teaching takes place. 

The weekend for the courses are held near Bristol and Bath as the main nearby cities and the residential is in a wilder space in Cornwall, Devon or Wales.  

Fees are £1490 from Autumn 2022

(Plus £58) for registration with awarding body.  

Payment can be arranged in easier instalments.

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Autumn Course

Oct 2022-July 2023

7th-9th October Grounding

(start at 5pm on the Friday)

26th-27th November

Embracing the Dark


28th-29th January 

Grief and Gratitude

4th-5th March

Cultivating the new

7th -8th May

Rewilding the Human

14th - 18th June 

Residential nature immersion

15th-16th July 



Spring Course

Waiting List now  

Feb 2022-Oct 2022


11th-13th Feb Grounding

(start at 5pm on the Friday)

12th -13th March 

Spring and Hope

23rd-24th April 

Grief and Gratitude

11th-12th June

Rewilding the Human

4th-8th August


deep nature immersion Devon

24th-25th September 

Balance and wholeness

22nd-23rd October