Our Facilitators are trained and qualified professionals in the field of Eco-Psychology and Nature Based Practice.


They are very experienced in working with people in wild and green spaces and have a deep understanding of the theory and practice at the three levels, 

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing,

  • Natural Healing & Development/ Eco Therapy

  • Deeper Nature & Spiritual Ecology


They are practitioners of our Natural Self Approach and Holistic Eco-Psychological 


Rhonda Brandrick is a nature based practitioner, supervisor, therapist, teacher and guide. She brings a wealth of experience and deep curiosity to our human-nature reciprocal relationship with wild earth and our ongoing personal and collective development within this. For over 5 years she has apprenticed with Animas Valley Institute. She has worked with individuals, couples and groups for over 25 years. She is dedicated to making a difference to human health and the health of the Earth by bringing individuals, communities and culture back to an Earth based way of living.  Rhonda loves dancing, Samba drumming, dream working and is a Mother and Grandmother.


Michéal Connors is an eco-psychologist, mountain leader and holistic health and wellbeing professional.  He is a qualified psychotherapist, supervisor and lecturer. He taught counselling and psychotherapy for many years and led nature and health courses for people affected by cancer. He is an accredited Wild Mind Practitioner through Animas Valley Institute. He is an active participant in a number  of Nature and Health, Green Care networks and is a leader on training and professional standards. He works with conservation organisations helping to create reciprocal services for people and the natural environment.   He has been in the fields of education, health and wellbeing for over 25 years and brings a deep experience of different psychological and holistic approaches to his work.  He is a mountain leader, musician, poet, song writer, Father and Grandparent. 


Emily Malik

“I work to increase connection and cooperation around the ecological issues of our time. In bringing meaningful outdoor experiences into the lives of all age groups I intend to ignite in their hearts a lifetime of knowing and valuing the natural world, and themselves as part of it.”

A Biologist, Environmentalist and Director of EcoWild CIC Emily is passionate about using cross-sectoral approaches to rekindle our relationship with the living world. Working in health, education, ecospirituality, and community engagement, she is fascinated by the potential for enhancement of wellbeing as facilitated by reconnection to the natural world. She has practiced yoga for over 20 years, sings with an acapella group, plays the guitar and piano, and cherishes daily meditation practice. She has previously worked in HIV Community Support Services, Project Coordination in Tropical Health Education, Conservation research and logistics.

Training/certificates: Biology BSc, Paediatric First Aid, Outdoor Food Safety, Mental Health First Aid.

Mark Deane.PNG

Mark Deane: Internal Moderator


Mark is a qualified FE lecturer with a particular specialism in education and psychology for special educational need, having taught in the UK and Ireland. He has facilitated and coordinated learning for 25 years in community projects, specialist and mainstream colleges; whilst developing and maintaining a therapeutic approach to supporting individuals and groups, trainee teachers and
support assistants. He is currently working as a Behaviour Therapist supporting individuals on the autistic spectrum and intellectual disabilities to make sense of a challenging world, promoting a quality of life in a holistic,  person centred manner. He is also a trainer to staff teams, promoting reflective practice, mindfulness, effective communication and learning supports. Current projects include mentoring Active Supports and promoting engagement in learning for learners with complex learning needs. Personal development is at the core of his own learning, fuelled by a passion for exploring the depths of his own teaching; learning. Inherent in his working is a strong link to nature and nature based approaches, including the work of Animus Valley Institute. He lives in the West of Ireland, married and father to two daughters. He is a keen cyclist and takes great pleasure in chopping wood.

Freddy Weaver has been working as an Integrative Counsellor since he completed his Masters in Addiction Psychology & Counselling over a decade ago. As his professional and personal experience has grown so has his curiosity about what it means to recover from addictive ways of being within the context of our culture which, it could be argued, is showing many hallmarks of addiction in its attitude towards resource consumption and the natural world - the ground of its own wellbeing. This interest, coupled with his own quest for wholeness, has lead him to study indigenous wisdom at Schumacher College, ecopsychology at the Natural Academy and Animas Valley Institute. 

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