Addiction: An Absence of Connection to Self, Community and Nature?

How connection to self, people and nature can support us in this extraordinary time.

Tempering our patterns in the fire of uncertainty

In this virtual, 'round-the-fire' talk we will hold a space together to hear how you are doing in this time, frame our ideas around the role (dis)connection plays in addiction and explore ways in which we can turn towards ourselves and nature with even more love and connection. What does this offer the 'one of us' that wants to numb out and obliterate awareness, which can be destructive, despairing and lonely?

As we traverse the terrain of this significant pause our addictive patterns may be wanting to take hold and hijack us, can create havoc and are destructive to our health on every level. The unprecedented space, or compression, opening up for many can be a place of great well as great potential. We also know that when we cultivate our wholeness and begin to offer another path to the well trodden grooves of addictive patterns, we can return to a life full of beauty, strength and potential for our creativity to emerge.

What to expect: 

A warm welcome around the virtual fire.

A brief introduction to the benefits of nature-based practice.

The interaction between nature and the escapist parts of ourselves.

Reflections on the particular pressures and opportunities the current dysregulation presents for working with our patterns of avoidance and disconnection. 

An opportunity to share the 'tempering' you are experiencing in this time in a safe, held space.

This talk is for those with some familiarity with their personal addictive patterns, their underlying dynamics who want to explore how their recovery is affected in this time. Sadly in this limited context we cannot support those in the process of ending a chronic substance addiction. We would be happy to signpost you towards a service that can. If you are uncertain if this event would be suitable for you please feel free to contact us.

Rhonda Brandrick is a nature based practitioner, supervisor, therapist, teacher and guide. She has many years experience of both harm reduction & the abstinence based worlds of recovery and has been, in more recent years, bringing a wealth of experience and deep curiosity to our human-nature reciprocal relationship and our ongoing personal and collective development within this. She has grown to realise that our fullest recovery is in the remembering of our place in the web of all life. For over 5 years she has apprenticed with Animas Valley Institute. She has worked with individuals, couples and groups for over 25 years. She is dedicated to making a difference to human health and the health of the Earth by bringing individuals, communities and culture back to an Earth based way of living. Rhonda loves dancing, Samba drumming, dream working and is a Mother and Grandmother.

Freddy Weaver has been working as an Integrative Counsellor since he completed his Masters in Addiction Psychology & Counselling over a decade ago. As his professional and personal experience has grown so has his curiosity about what it means to recover from addictive ways of being within the context of our culture which, it could be argued, is showing many hallmarks of addiction in its attitude towards resource consumption and the natural world - the ground of its own wellbeing. This interest, coupled with his own quest for wholeness, has lead him to study indigenous wisdom at Schumacher College, ecopsychology at the Natural Academy and Animas Valley Institute. 

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