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Advanced Pathway

Eco Psychology and Nature Based Practice

*We are currently finalising national accreditation for this course at Level 4.


Become an Eco Psychological Practitioner and develop the knowledge, skills, self development and experience needed to apply this across the three realms of: 

  • Nature, Health and Wellbeing & Green Care

  • Natural Healing, Development & Eco Therapy

  • Deeper Nature & Spiritual Ecology

This course learning is delivered through an ecological lens and at the core is the further development of our Natural Self.  The course includes deep intensives in wilder places in the four cardinal directions.  North, South, East and West. These intensives will be filled with teaching, learning and time in wilder spaces to really integrate and embody what is emerging for you as an Eco-psychological Practitioner.  

There will be three 5-day nature intensives in England, (East & South), Scotland(North)

and a 10 day quest intensive in West of Ireland (West)

There are also regular 3 day weekend gatherings throughout the 2 years in our base centre at Brown Rock Woodland in North Somerset,  just outside Bristol. 


27th- 29th March  First 3 day weekend gathering N Somerset

13th-17th May Intensive Cornwall (South)

July 31st - 2nd Aug N Somerset

18th September- 28th Sept West of Ireland (West) vision quest

20th-22nd November N Somerset



5th-7th Feb   N Somerset

April 28th - 2nd May East of England (East)


9th-11th July  N Somerset


15th -20th Sept   Scotland (North)


5th-7th Nov   N Somerset




21st-23rd Jan   N Somerset

Fees: Inclusive of camping, all tutoring and resources. £4,550 in total, It can be paid in easier instalments to suit you.