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At Natural Academy we hold that you cannot separate the personal, social and ecological. That we are operating within a whole and complex system that is personal, social and ecological and any impact our business has will have an impact on the whole.


Our Values that drive our business include.


integrating our qualities of wholeness, empathy, compassion, belonging and unknowing into the heart of our business ethos in relationship to






The rest of the natural world





Personal: to help people come into contact with their own nature through innate wholeness within a relationship to the wholeness of the natural world around them. Through this to find wellness, healing and deeper meaning and purpose. 


Social: To help bring nature back into the heart of our culture by facilitating individuals, groups and communities with health and education based programmes such as NatureWell.  Thus encouraging an ever deepening nature connectedness for all people and communities.  We are committed to excellence in this facilitation and are therefore leading training in ecopsychology and nature based practice that sets these highest standards. 


Ecological: As a business we will be mindful of our impact on the rest of nature and reduce this where we can. We will seek to actively participate in the regeneration and rewilding of green and blues spaces through our training and nature based programmes.